About Peter

If we had to put a name on Peters’ job, it would probably be something like “expert in human behavior”, or “Cogitologist”.  Don’t be scared, it’s nothing occult.  It’s trying to find a name for someone who has spend decades on trying to understand how people think, why they act a certain way and where it can go wrong.

After a study in Philosophy an Psychology ant the KUL in Leuven, he started a carreer as a business manager, from managing a store to managing multi-national companies, he never lost his fascination with human behavior, and used his jobs ton investigate further.

At the age of 37 he quit his job, and – started his career as someone who offered his insights to people and companies.  Calling it a Coach and Consultant, by lack of a better word.  Peter has worked as an interim manager, crisis manager, strategic consultant and coach.

His main activity at the moment is his job as a Leadership expert.  He trains, coaches and consults leaders in just about all kind of organizations imaginable, of all sizes and colors.

With the development of cognitive technology (CogTech®), his coaching methodology (PSMCoaching®) and a Huge (with capital H) list of partners he worked for, he’s one of the most wanted coaches, consultant and temporary managers in the business world.

Companies Peter Worked for

What am I doing today? With over than 30 years of hands-on experience, more than 20 years of research-based knowledge that has been tested in practice, I am looking for a new challenge. My first focus is on a job with sufficient social and social relevance within an ambitious environment in which I can use my knowledge, experience and energy.